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Over 30 years of dedicated experience

Why choose J.W. Poole Inc.?

We are a family-run, full-service mechanical contractor specializing in commercial & custom residential applications for new or existing properties.  Since 1989 we have been meeting the needs of our customers. Occupant comfort is the main objective; we feel when people are more comfortable they are more productive. Building and space change is another service we do for our customers. You may benefit from a system modification or adding space required equipment. Energy consumption is another area; improving equipment performance has many benefits.

Our office is located in Monroe Township and our staff includes highly trained and motivated employees able to provide you with your Heating and Air Conditioning needs. J.W. Poole Inc. also has engineering capabilities and offers commercial service and maintenance agreements. We are bonded and DPMC classified and are registered with the small business enterprise.

We serve all of New Jersey.

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